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Creating a marketing campaign

Creating a marketing campaign

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

The mass messaging module gives you the opportunity to create a mailing or sms campaign, based on the mechanisms you have learned from the contributor module. To create a campaign from scratch, click on the option mass messaging schedule a new one.


As you can see, when you create a campaign from scratch, you have the opportunity to choose the recipients of the message even more precisely. You can prepare campaigns only for club staff, parents, players or all at once. In fact, you can prepare an information campaign with targeting limited to one person.

The next step is to establish the parameters of the campaign, which we mentioned in the chapter about contributions. Then add the message content. You have to remember that in the case of SMS, exceeding the limit of 140 characters will result in two text messages being sent as one message. This can result in faster use of your message limits.


Before sending messages to recipients, pay attention to the possibility of using filters. You have three levels of filtering available: full - you will receive one message, even if you have many roles in the club (parent of several children), intelligent - you will skip duplicates of people who have similar roles e.g. The user will not miss duplicates of recipients such as a parent with two children, no filtering - one person can get a similar or the same message more than once if he plays several different roles in the club.